Active Directory One

ADOne is a software for Microsoft Active Directory and Office 365 that automates the user accounts management.

ADOne is designed to drastically reduce administrative tasks in medium or large organizations, it becomes a prerequisite when there is a significant user turnover, or for those infrastructures where the configuration of user accounts is very complex.

ADOne can be used for the entire management process in Active Directory, for migration and configuration in Office 365, for the closing user accounts strategy.
It also allows to minimize administrative time and errors, improving security and complying the personal data processing regulations.


We are a group of software developers, for over 10 years we have been involved in the administration of IT services in medium-sized organizations.

The Active Directory One software is the result of real operational needs, for many years it has been improved and used only by developers.
Finally our work is true technology, so we are proud to make it available to everyone.